Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Power to The People!

The Green Weenies have taken a step back! And it is all thanks to The People!

Frito-Lay, the maker of, among other delights, Sun Chips, recently came out with a new 100% recyclable chip package, replacing their previous, non-recyclable chip package. While the idea was fine, the execution left something to be desired. The new package was harder to open, and made enough noise to wake the dead. Make that, enough noise to wake Adam and Eve.

And then, the revolt of The People began! Complaints flooded into the Frito-Lay offices by the bagful, and this week Frito-Lay announced that they would be returning to their previous chip bag incarnation, you know, the one that will outlast the end of the planet.

I know many people who took the chips out of the bag and transferred them into a gallon size baggie to make it easy on their ears.

Power to The People!

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  1. Too many people and companies jump on the "green" bandwagon without understanding the outcome of their decisions. A local produce grower was in the news because he was using new technology of areoponics, growing crops in air without soil. He bragged about being able to produce more on less land without runoff and how ecologicallly friendly his operation was as it required no chemical fertilizer or pesticides. I just kept thinking, how much electricity does it take to run the climate control system, lamps and watering system? How can that be green?