Thursday, October 21, 2010

To: Baby Sis

I look back at the early years of my life, the years where the closest person to me was my sister. We were running mates. We shared a bedroom and ran around the house together. We played all day, dolls and war and mass and countless other things. We were the youngest of the bunch.

As we grew we still ran in some of the same circles. We swam together at the local pool. I helped teach you to swim at the puddle. You looked out for my safety and others as the lifeguard and we were only a year apart in high school.

That was when our worlds began to diverge. We took different paths although on the surface they were similar. You took the biggest step by moving away. I helped to bring you back once, but you moved away again. But the years again began to bring out the similarities in our lives. We both have families, children we love, a grandchild for me and someday for you, my children grown and yours nearly so, at least the eldest of them.

We have experienced the loss of our parents, those that set us on our path and guided us along the way letting us make our own success and mistakes, and now we are the adults, the leaders of our families. We move into a world again together though it is one a thousand miles apart, a world neither of us have ever experienced. I look forward to being your guide and running mate once again on the second half of our lives.

Welcome to the world of 'over 50'. The best is yet to come. I love you dearly.

Happy birthday, Baby Sis


  1. What a touching tribute!

  2. Sniff, sniff, blow nose...wipe tears...

  3. You made me cry! I love you too and miss you! All of you!