Friday, October 29, 2010

What would you do?

I hadn't planned on posting today but as I visited one of my bookmarked sites I just wanted to pass on a question to any who follow along.

As I am fascinated by the oceans and the seas and water in general, something that has long had a pull on me, the question pops to mind, if you could do anything you wanted to do what would it be? Before you answer that or think about it you get to take this into consideration. When you start your new career tomorrow, you are endowed with the skills and knowledge it takes to do this job. In essence, you already have trained your entire life for this career. What would it be?

Many would pick glamor jobs, brain surgeon, astronaut, pilot etc. Perhaps it is a higher intellectual pursuit such a mathematician or astronomer. If that time ever came I think I would become an oceanographer. The physical study of the oceans and the life within has always held my interest. Two of the sites I have bookmarked are Woods Hole and Harbor Branch Oceanographic. I pull them up periodically to see what the latest projects and areas of study have become. Where are their ships and what are they doing?

Have some fun with it and if anyone wants to chime in leave your choice in the comments. And no fair picking what you already do if you are someone as smart as First Niece (Appfilly) who is an engineer. You have to pick something else.


  1. While I enjoy engineering, I'd pick archeology/anthropology. People and their cultures, both past and present, fascinate me. I would enjoy the travel and solving the historical puzzles of ancient people. It fits with my logical engineering brain.

  2. For a long time in my youth I desired to be a professional baseball player. I had dreams of doing that up until high school, when everyone else caught up to (and surpassed) my theretofore advanced baseball skills. If I had been a baseball player, I would have been long retired by now!

    Failing that, a really exciting job such as an historical researcher, somewhat akin to Appfilly's archeology deal.

  3. I will send you both used toothbrushes to dig in the dirt that you may begin your new careers at your leisure.

  4. We are building stalls in our new horse barn and had string lines going everywhere to make sure the posts were plumb, plus we had holes dug for the posts, so it actually looked like an archeological site.

    Look forward to getting those used toothbrushes!!