Sunday, November 28, 2010

Tis the season

Black Friday has now come and gone and the holiday season has officially begun. I for one am thankful it is over. The day is much over-hyped and just not worth the aggravation. With this day now passed I can look forward to enjoy the Christmas season. Yes, the Christmas season, not happy holidays mode. I for one say Merry Christmas to others, not some other neutered expression of the season.

That leads me to my ramble for today. I was speaking with an associate at work and he commented on a particular song playing over the store's speakers. He was surprised it was such a religious song. He was sure the company would only have non-ecumenical songs playing so not to offend anyone. I understood his reasoning as he is a rather bright young man then gave him some of my own home-schooled wisdom. Besides, who wants to go through this most joyous season if it is painted only 'beige'?

Although our government is prohibited by our founding fathers from establishing a national religion we are undoubtedly a Christian nation. That is not to say citizens can not worship how they please, but we generally follow the Christian fundamental principles. I have found most who protest Christmas trees and other symbols of the season on public lands are narrow-minded and can only see the world through their foggy focal prism. They are unable to see other points of view or are unable to rationalize them to their beliefs. Perhaps they are afraid their world will crumble if they must open their minds to others.

What makes this country great is the wealth of opinions present and the differing views that abound. Those who push for a religious symbol of the season to be allowed must then tolerate another's. I know of no other prominent religious symbols that spring up as things do in the Christmas season, but if one did during Ramadan or some other month-long celebration of faith it should be allowed to stand as well. Those who don't believe in a particular religious system must learn to tolerate it as others have done for the Christmas season.

If I say Merry Christmas and you have a snide remark about that holiday saying, don't look for me to apologize for my beliefs and say I'm sorry. That's a 'your' problem, not a 'my' problem.

Merry Christmas!


  1. And a very Merry Christmas to you, Sir.

  2. Its good to know that you still enjoy Christmas since you have probably been dealing with retail Christmas since July!!

  3. You have a much better attitude now that you are not working in a kids retail/toy store, too! Merry Christmas to you!