Thursday, November 4, 2010

Vox populi

Depending upon your point of view, Tuesday's election was either a Tidal Wave of Conservatism, a temper tantrum by the electorate, or a "who cares, they are all crooked" whoop-de-do.

If you chose to participate in the electoral process, Congratulations!

Regardless of whether "your side" won or lost, you did something that is a fundamental right for American adults. It is a privilege as well as a right to be able to do so. It may sound corny to some, but men and women have given their limbs and lives to enable you to vote for the candidate of your choosing.

Beloved Father worked for many years at the county Board of Elections, much of that time spent as a humble bookkeeper. While that may not sound exciting, over the years he did many things not directly related to his duties as the bookkeeper that helped to make the election process as smooth as possible. He worked behind the scenes, and it was not unknown for him to put in a 20-24 hour day, especially on primary election days.

He involved all of us at election time when we were of age, moving and delivering voting machines, tabulating results, and helping out with whatever was needed. We received payment, of course, but that was not the reason we did it. We helped him because he asked, and we could, such was our respect for him, and, by osmosis perhaps, we became ingrained with the notion that what we were doing was important; it mattered.

We were never preached to about voting and doing our duty as citizens; rather, it was expected by his (and Sainted Mother's example as well), that we would register, keep informed enough on the candidates and issues so as to make an educated choice, and vote. And then do it again when the next election time rolled around.

It was a lesson learned, one that I have been following for the 37 years it has been my privilege to be called a voter.


  1. But the question is...have you EVER voted for a blue? You are staunchly a red man; however with a great deal of thought behind it!

  2. I just read a great quote on the 'next blog over': You can't fix stupid, but you can vote it out.

  3. Yes, I have voted for a blue. A number of them, in fact, although most were a number of years ago. It all depends upon the man and how his policies/beliefs square with mine.

    Note to the easily offended: "man" in this case refers to the universality of humankind, as understood in the "olden days", such as when I was a child, and not specifically and only to men.

  4. I am the family voting slacker - does it count that I have good intentions? I don't remember political talk around the table, as I think it happened before I hit the age of reason. I remember stories of Dad's work and of him working in the elections, but that's about it other than the one time he ran for some office in our neighborhood and we distributed flyers around the area for him.

  5. Slacker. The Road to Hell is paved with Good Intentions, my dear.

    The office he was seeking was Ward Committeeman.