Sunday, November 7, 2010

Well, duh

Time and technology marches on and no matter how much we may try to stick to the old ways, we become accustomed to the conveniences in everyday life.

I had a techno-challenge moment today. We were leaving to run some errands and meet with family for a fund raiser and were packing things into the car. I hit the trunk button on the remote and...nothing. Like everyone else, what do you do? You keep hitting the stupid button sure in your mind it will eventually work. Hey, the other buttons worked. At last I gave up and retrieved the second set of keys and the other remote. Same result.

Now I was beginning to get fuzzled. I opened the drivers door and hit the 'manual' button. Again, nothing. I hit it again, and again. Nothing. I was beginning to get worried. How are we going to load up?

Then, My Beloved hit on the solution. Uhm, you could put the key in the lock.


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  1. We do tend to rely on those modern conveniences and forget there are other ways of getting things done!! We have a Ford with keypad to unlock the doors, so you don't have to carry keys around with you. About a month after purchase, it occured to me that we were locking both sets of keys in the car. If the keypad ever failed, we'd have to call a locksmith.