Thursday, February 24, 2011

Mills vs Bills

The recent labor negotiations involving the NFL and it's players union give many of us regular folks fits. It is hard for us to understand how multi-millionaires and billionaires can argue over so much money. For the normal person, it's monopoly money; amounts we will never see in our lifetime. And to make the point, I understand not all players make those amounts and the careers of many are just a few, short years.

That being said, I have a solution to the row enveloping football. Currently, the players and owners split (somewhere in the area of 60-40) the revenues with the players getting the sixty percent split. I have often thought that was absurd since the owners are the ones risking/investing their own money. Now, I haven't worked out all the bugs of this yet but here goes:

All the money should be pooled and then split along the divided ratio currently used. It will then be up to the players union to divide up the money between the players. If they want all the money so badly, they should take on the responsibility of telling their members who gets what. The owners then would not be burdened with negotiating contracts with particular players. They take their money and run the organization. The owners then would simply be charged with putting together the best teams they can without the interference of contracts hanging over their heads. If the players don't like the contracts they sign with the union, gripe at the union, not the owners.

If you want all the money and power, just be careful what you wish for. I'm sure the owners would even take a slightly smaller share if they weren't saddled with all the player/money headaches.