Thursday, April 14, 2011

Just turn and walk away

The fallout from baseball's drug enforcement continues. Manny Ramirez abruptly retired after testing positive again. This would likely have forced him to endure a 100 game suspension. Apparently he didn't want to do that and would rather retire from the game. He will then fall into the basket with the others and have the legacy of being labeled a cheater. It is probable that even with his impressive numbers he will never enter the hall of fame. Not that I care, but I'm okay with that.

Athletes of his stature earn an incredible amount of money. In his case he has likely earned over $200 million dollars. No one I know will ever see that type of wealth, yet live adequate lives of comfort and normalcy. Not that we as a group don't have things to worry about. We all worry about expenses, employment, health and such. But what causes those in his situation to rise to such a level of infamous behavior?

I fully understand what causes those who do the unthinkable in dire situations. Does the parent who doesn't know where the next meal for their child is coming from steal? I can understand the conflict. Often that is something they would never do under 'normal' situations. Dan Akroyd's character in the movie Trading Places doesn't serve as a model for behavior. Someone who earns at that level will not be sleeping on the streets within a week. That, however can happen to someone who is unemployed and behind on the mortgage.

Ramirez leaves behind a legacy (to me at least) of being a quitter. He quit on his team in Boston just to get traded. He failed in Los Angeles and finally quit on his team in Tampa after just five games. At his age he didn't need to play like he was thirty years old. The favorite line others have always used is "that's just Manny being Manny." Actually, that's an arrogant superstar who chose to further his career by any means available to him. Not once has he apologized to those he offended or quit on. In Boston he was beloved by the fans then he turned his cheeks to them and said 'kiss it'. How many of us 'everyday guys' would go to such extremes to further our success?

I would hope no matter where my life takes me I would always try to do things the 'right' way. Being blinded by money should never enter the equation. But, that's just Robert T being Robert T.

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  1. A douchebag is always a douchebag no matter what you call it...Manny, DickRod, Bonds, et al.