Thursday, April 7, 2011

Whistle while you...?

"You know how to whistle don't you? Just put your lips together and blow." A very famous line from a movie. You don't hear many people whistling these days. Not that this has been something I have heard much in my lifetime. Personally, I can't whistle a tune worth a crap. Most of the whistling I recall has come from movies or television, westerns primarily. I can do the loud, shrill whistle to call my dog, but that's about it. So, why bring this up?

As I walked across the store today I heard someone whistling. I was intrigued. Unfortunately I was unable to catch up to the customer before she made her way up to the cash register. Strangely, it was a woman. In all my years I don't think I have heard many women whistle. Most of the tune carriers have been men.

I'm not sure I completely trust those who whistle. I'm not sure why. Those who whistle just seem as if they are hiding something. I'm sure there are those who are just in a really good mood, but I think they are a relative few. Whistling seems to put up a false front, someone covering something up. There are also those who whistle that put on an air of aloofness, superiority. Perhaps that is because they can and I can't.

Perhaps they may come across as aloof because I can't whistle and therefore feel inferior? Nah, I can't play a harmonica either but that doesn't make me feel inferior. If I don't trust men that whistle what does that say about women? Whistling can be a distraction to the person hearing it, putting others on guard or heightening defensive awareness. Perhaps I'll just practice so I can whistle a happier tune.

I know, I'll bet it's those damn dwarfs.


  1. Interesting...a whistling complex! I too do not like whistlers. I find it distracting. I'd prefer they keep their music to themselves.

    I do find myself humming quite a bit though and sometimes without realizing I'm doing it.

  2. I used to be able to whistle some, but not anymore. And I never could figure out the Jack Ryan whistle technique. That was one coach who never needed a whistle with a metal ball in it.

    The best whistler I have heard is Roger Whittaker, an older gentleman who sings for a living; his best known work was "The Last Farewell" several years back. He has recorded a number of whistling songs, all of which are quite good, and I cannot fathom how he can do it.

    Ahh...sweet mystery of life!

  3. I would remind you that Snow White "whistled" as well, not just the seven dwarves. Perhaps it is simply a recollection that even living a happy life, one filled with hard work, did not automatically keep them all safe! (But you are also safe...there is no "whistling complex" in the diagnostic manual for mental disorders).

  4. Thank you anonymous for letting us know that we are safe - Miracle Baby has this same dislike for whistling. I love to hear good whistling, and I think it's all due to Sainted Father whistling along on Sundays while cooking. My children think I inherited his "get every pot dirty" cooking technique, and they might be right as tonight was homemade chicken noodle soup and homemade garlic cheese biscuits. Most things were nasty after making the soup broth yesterday and then finishing it tonight. Bigfoot said it wasn't fair to come home from practice on a Friday in Lent to the smell of chicken noodle soup cooking!

  5. I use that cooking technique also!! Didn't know it came from Sainted (Grand)Father. Now Ihave an excuse when Farmer TIm complains about the mess I make. Of course hw never complains about the result, though.