Thursday, June 23, 2011

Another one down

Not often but sometimes we reflect back on where we have come from and where we were or started out. Tomorrow I begin the 54th year of my life. That is a long time ago but not as long as for others. We have come along way.

Some common facts and items from 1958:
Average annual income: $4650
House: $30,000
Gallon of gas: 19 cents Milk: $1.01
Swiss steak: 75 cents/lb
Sunkist oranges: 5lb/49cents

The Donna Reed show premiers; George Burns/Gracie Allen show ends; Elvis Presley has four top singles; movies, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof and Vertigo

The Brooklyn Dodgers move to Los Angeles; the Hula Hoop debuts; the first Pizza Hut opens in Kansas City; the US launches Explorer I into space; VISA and American Express cards are introduced; the Boeing 707 goes into production.

As you can see much has changed during my lifetime. When I was born there were no computers or color televisions (at least in production) and most cars were adorned with 'fins'. Air conditioning was years away from being anywhere near a common appliance. I look back and see where we and I have come from and I am proud to have grown as a man and a person, all the while keeping my integrity. Not that I am perfect. I have made my share of mistakes along the way but hopefully I have learned from them as I have grown older.

One foot forward. 54 starts on Friday.


  1. I have your six.

    You mention the Brooklyn Dodgers; I just finished a good book on the life of Walter O'Malley and the story of the Dodgers' move to LA. Quite interesting stuff as a whole.

    Now, if only I could recall what I was doing way back when I was 54...

  2. Tough isn't it? They say the memory is the second thing that goes. I forget what the first one is.

  3. Ha! Happy birthday - I think the first thing to go is typing skills! Remember - I'm watching and learning from all of you older boys, so do good.