Tuesday, June 14, 2011

When aliens invade

As we get on in life we get comfortable with our routines. My Beloved and I are very settled in the manner of how things work and get done in our home. Then, the aliens invade!

This past weekend Ragin Cage visited us for three days. That would normally not be a problem but My Beloved was down sick for all three days. That left Paw-Paw to be the man. Now, I'm a great Paw-Paw but I have not been subject to the whims of a two-year old for such an extended time, and by myself. There aren't many options; duct tape him to a chair or follow him around while he explores.

Since duct-taping is out, that leaves the other option. It is quickly evident that our home is not Cage-proofed. Problem number one is he is extremely fast. By the end of the weekend, every toilet paper roll has been unrolled and half flushed down the toilet. Every kitchen drawer and door below three feet has been opened and it's contents strewn on the floor. And now since he is capable of opening doors, the Lucky Charms in the pantry has all Lucky and no Charms remaining.

It's not so much just watching him as I let him wander around, much to My Beloved's dismay, but it is hard to get anything that requires being done, done. The only thing I could do was vacuum because he likes the vacuum and wants to help. But he want to help with everything. He wants to dust, throw laundry around and put things away, which means putting everything on the floor since I have found that two year olds have a propensity to throw everything on the floor. All previously folded laundry is also 'helped' to the floor. Partly that is a result of having the attention span of a dog. That was fun, then move onto something else with Paw-Paw left to clean up.

I have a new respect for parents of small children, especially those with multiples. But I'd take him back for days in a minute; once I find the duct tape.

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  1. I can certainly attest to his foot speed; a track star in the making!