Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Long live the king

This past weekend the golf world announced a new presence they already knew was in their midst. Rory McIlroy captured the US Open title in dramatic fashion. He set several records including best open score and youngest player to win the title. It wasn't very exciting but it opened up a new era in golf.

Unfortunately for Rory, Kobe, LeBron and others who will come or have come in the past, why is it they must all be hung up as the next greatest of all time? Golf for its own reasons had never been more popular than when Eldrick was at his heights. They desperately need someone to take his place and carry on the sport. Basketball has been looking for the next Michael for ten years and still hasn't found him. But, every young buck who lights it up early is supposed to be the next great whomever.

The sports media in today's world seems to be at the heart of the coronation events. Is it because sports has become a 24/7 event with fifty channels? That quickly means we will run out of things to talk about. They have to champion the next great so the comparisons can start. One of the things many of these former champions have in common is they are so polarizing. You either love them or hate them. Love Eldrick, hate Eldrick. Love Michael, hate Michael. Often you love or hate based on how badly they beat your team, especially in the playoffs.

I for one have never had a love/hate relationship with sports figures (at least once I became an adult). For me, they are who they are, great in their sport. I don't look up to them on a personal level, nor do I overly admire them. Sure, I wish I could golf half as good as Eldrick, but then I live in the real, everyday world and many of them do not.

Here's hoping Rory succeeds and leads the golf world into a new era and does it his way, not Eldrick's way. Long live the king.

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