Monday, January 23, 2012

Living in a Punkin Bread World

Almost accidentally, I have nicknamed Wonderful Daughter's children, in order, Punkin, Punkin Bread, and Punkin Butter. That certainly flows much better than WGGS#1, WGGD#1, and WGGD#2.

I am still working on what to call Handsome Son's three lads. Thing 1 and Thing 2 come to mind for the twins, as they have clothing with that imprint. The feisty new youngster, recovering nicely from a serious illness, doesn't have a nickname from me yet. These things cannot be forced.

Anyway, back to the topic at hand.

Punkin Bread is three years old, and is a mile-a-minute talker much of the time. She has learned on her own to raise both eyebrows simultaneously and rapidly, and using puppy dog eyes while doing so, and is pleased that older brother cannot make this happen. She also has, as many little ones do, a vocabulary that does not always correspond to ours.

When her mother gives her a choice of drink, it is usually milk, which she calls "yegular milk". That is, until Mommy thought it so cute that she kept asking her what kind of milk she wants, whereupon she says, "White milk", thus spoiling Mommy's fun.

She has trouble with the concept of "me too", for which she believes she must say "me three", because of her age.

Last week, Wonderful Daughter was trying to teach her the various shapes, but every time she pointed to an oval, Punkin Bread would point to her elbow, as apparently in her world "oval" and "elbow" not only sound the same, but mean the same.

As they say, "out of the mouth of babes..."


  1. Megabyte wants to know if you know which boy is which when it comes to Thing 1 and Thing 2?

  2. If one has a pacifier, it is Thing 2, who is also left-handed. The rule of thumb is "one has a fatter face", but if you are only looking at one, then that helps nowt. Besides, I cannot remember which one has the "fatter face".

    I keep telling the soon-to-be-Mrs Handsome Son that she needs to dye the hair of one of them red so I will know who is who. It doesn't have to be carrot red, just auburn-ish like mine and Mom's, back in the day.

    In short, MegaByte, no, I cannot tell them apart.

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  4. Ivan? I thought they were named O... and C...? I'm so confused!

  5. I have a thought - Baby Elephant Bird? From Seussical: the Musical!

  6. They ARE named O and C...Ivan and Sergeivitch is what Bob called them when they were at that Russian-General-lookalike stage early on.

    Never saw Suessical, so I do not know the reference to the name. As I said, it has to come naturally.