Saturday, January 7, 2012

Video on demand, or not

One of the hazards of reading the news, others stories and such on the web is a propensity of many sites to put their stories in video form. Yahoo is a prime example of those sites. I would rather read a newspaper however that isn't in the equation on a daily basis. As my schedule never seems to be the same, we have unfortunately dropped the daily rag. It just doesn't fit in the budget any longer. Years ago you paid weekly and it was a few bucks. I remember having a paper route and going out every week to collect. Unfortunately those times are long gone and by the time you receive a bill it's nearly (or over) one hundred dollars.

I have tried to use the web as a newspaper substitute but it doesn't work well for me. I do have a home page and most of it is littered with news feeds from various sources. Another frustrating trait of these sites is the constant change and update to the 'look and feel'. Guess what, I originally chose your site because I liked it that way. (Wow does that make me sound old and cranky.) Then you go and change it once or twice a year. The feeds I was able to get last year I can't get this year. Not a good way to keep me 'subscribed'.

I feel sorry for this and other generations going forward if this will become the primary way they get their information. I for one don't need everything read to me to understand it. I believe for most reading increases your understanding of facts as opposed to video. Video should be left to entertainment sites or some important news clips but to have even simple stories or a narrative put into video form smacks of treating me like a 'first grader' or a simpleton.

I hope I've grown beyond that level of drivel. Of course that does sound a lot like TV news, doesn't it.

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