Monday, January 30, 2012

Me, myself and us

If you had a choice to spend an hour, a day or a week with someone, who would it be? Would you spend it with yourself? Now, I'm sure you're thinking that's an odd question. It is, if you are not a twin. Most of us can be alone with our thoughts, seclude ourselves away for a short time but we are never really with 'ourselves'.

Could you spend a day with yourself, talking side by side like you would anyone else? I had this thought not long ago as I watched Sergetov and Ivan playing with each other. They are my twin great nephews. As they get older they will likely be side by side in all they do. That seems to be the nature of twins. For one thing, they would be used to the fact that they are generally the same individual, although they have slight differing traits even though they are identical twins. North of 50 can usually tell them apart if they are together, as his post a few days ago will attest.

But, how would the rest of us do? You might think you would love to talk to yourself, laugh at the same jokes, but would that get old? Would I get on my own nerves after a time? I tend to be a bit snide and sarcastic at times likely causing me to want to punch myself. I will never have a sibling as close as a twin although North is as close as I'll get. We grew up only three years apart, but that three years makes a world of difference as life experiences move on. His experiences were always before mine, never experiencing the same things in the moment at the same time. My Beloved and I have been together now for twenty years of wedded bliss. She is a strong person in her own right and we have similarities but we also have enough differences that make life interesting.

I don't know if I would want to spend a long time with myself. Likely, I would be a really good friend that could enjoy some very special times but I don't think I could put up with myself all the time.

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