Saturday, February 4, 2012

Alternate surf sounds

Sometimes we all fall into patterns and thoughts that are due solely to preferences. What do we like; what do we love? Why would someone do something like that? I just can't imagine!

I had such an experience the other day. Now, being from the midwest I do not have access to wonderful beaches and sun-filled skies during the winter months. That being said, I don't have access to wonderful beaches in the summer months either. That is the prejudice I faced while walking a long stretch of sand along the gulf shores of Florida this past week. We midwesterners suffer through the lack of sand and water all our lives. My favorite vacations and trips for that reason always are those that take me to far-away locals of sun-drenched beaches and white sands.

As My Beloved and I sauntered along one such beach on our anniversary week, we passed an older gentleman who purposefully strode by us while listening to headphones. His tanned form presented to us he likely lived here and did this often. He, as many others we passed during the week had something plugged into their ear holes. That is something I couldn't understand. Why would anyone walk along the shore and not listen to the sounds of waves rolling up to their feet?

About a half-hour later he passed us again (as you have to turn around to go back) paying no attention to us as he sang opera with a knowing voice. I guess that's as good a reason as any.


  1. I remember the sound of the waves as we fell asleep in Kauai; very restful.

    Our beloved Mr. Krinkles once remarked within Baby Sis' hearing that he could not understand the big attraction of Disneyland. Of course, living very close and going regularly as a child must have done it for him, poor man.

  2. Disneyland is a sore subject at our house due to the fact that Princess Drama Queen has never been.