Monday, April 2, 2012

Annoying to the Nth degree

There is a television commercial currently running in which a car with four early-twentysomething occupants comes to a stop as three of the occupants are singing along to a song by Spandau Ballet (an annoyance in itself that grinds on the ears; the song, not their singing).

The driver turns down the radio and asks "Do you hear that?" He is answered by, "Dude, that's Spandau Ballet!"  (I do not believe any of these people were alive when this song was a hit, but that's neither here or there.)

The earnest driver then goes on about the E-assist that is running now that the car is stopped, and his passengers again complain, "He did this all the way to the restaurant!", to which he responds along the lines of "gas mileage" and concludes with an almost agonized plea of, "C'mon, this is important!"

It is not enough that we are continuously being bombarded by messages subtle, and less so, about global warming, saving the planet, green energy, and the like, but the worst part by far is how smugly superior and "caring" these people think they are, compared to those of us in the Great Unwashed.

While I am all for doing my part to be careful with the environment, I believe that mankind cannot destroy the planet, even if we set off all the nuclear bombs on earth at once.

And I do not need some smarmy, earnest know(nothing)-it-all insisting he is better than me because he "cares".

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