Tuesday, April 17, 2012

I could not make this up

A few weeks ago the highest rated A.M. radio station in town was told by their out-of-town corporate management to cut costs, much of which involved firing a number of staffers, both air personalities and behind-the-scenes workers.

This purge occurred on a Thursday. One of the people let go was filling in for the normal early morning drive-time host, had ended his shift that day at 9:00 by telling folks "see you tomorrow", and within a few minutes was gone from the station. This not only prompted the regular host to return the next day, but also forced the station to scramble to find a fill-in host for their local spots for Saturday and Sunday.

This past Sunday the station debuted a new "local" show featuring three women, at least one of whom is a former long time Columbus radio host. I say "local" show because of that connection, although the show is a branded and syndicated show that is not necessarily local.

I had the great misfortune to tune into this show on Sunday. It was billed as "the stuff women talk about". Perhaps that should have given me a clue, but I tried it anyway. During the Ten Minutes Of My Life I Will Never Get Back And Which May Have Left Me Permanently Scarred, I heard these women talk about vodkatinis and other recipes for drinking vodka, talking about people who are always mean (including one of their grandmothers who could be talked about meanly as long as you said, "God rest her soul" several times), and some other vapid drivel which has thankfully not burrowed itself into my brain.

If this is really "what women talk about", then I am not only thankful that I am not a woman, but I am beginning to be very concerned for the state of mind of womankind in general.


  1. Never have I thought about, let alone talked about, a vodkatini. And I certainly wouldn't speak meanly of Sainted (Grand)Mother, with or without pleas to God. I struggle with this as I look to BabyCake's future. How do I encourage her to be a strong, intelligent girl when the image portrayed in media is of vapid women spouting drivel. We pay homage to the Kardashian clan for their beauty and wealth, even though they are incapable of stringing together a coherent sentence. The stores are full of purse and high heel shaped rattles. "Girl" clothes are offered in pink with ruffles, which makes it difficult and impractical to play in the dirt. Animated movies feature princesses who can only be happy by marrying the prince. I am concerned as a woman and a mother.

  2. Well, pink clothes can get dirty as well, but the ruffles and lace are tougher to clean.

    And you just HAD to go and mention the K people(!)which has had the unfortunate effect of dredging up from the I Thought It Was Buried Forever pile that the vapid drivelers also talked about the K people, and one stated she wanted to look like Kim K, whom she said resembled Jessica Rabbit, and said she would love to have that shape.

  3. What you tell our wonderful little newbie is to look to the actions of strong women as she grows older but not the woman herself. We can all be let down by others, especially those who are in the public eye, as none of us are perfect. Laud the action, not the icon.

  4. Don't worry about the pink and ruffles - she's either gonna love them or hate them when she's old enough to make a choice. Girls can play and get dirty in ruffles or in jeans and they all wash up nicely. I can't tell you how many pairs of those cute little girl dress up shoes Princess Drama Queen broke by jumping out of trees or running in them. She's a girly-girl tomboy and it doesn't seem to have hurt her.
    Girls are lucky that they can pick how they want to be seen and don't have to wear dresses unless they want to. Teach her to love who she is and that's all that matters!
    Miracle Baby's first toy was a toy truck -does that explain why she's an astrophysics major? Girls can play with all kinds of toys and the best ones use imagination.

    Poor little boys get picked on for playing with dolls but girls can play with trucks and it's okay. Bigfoot had a doll, since he kept stealing Miracle Baby's to play with. It all works as long as there is love in the family.

  5. Astrophysics major, sniff, sniff, I'm so proud. That also means North of 50 will no longer understand anything she says.

  6. Truer words were never written, bro.