Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Indie Way

No, this isn't about another Indiana Jones movie. As most of you who follow this blog know, last year I published my first novel White Staff. It has been a fun ride learning and writing and one of the best things I have discovered was I joined a group of great writers.

The world of writing and authorship is not an easy world to break into. There are only a handful of traditional publishers left in the world, because as with everything else in the business world, they merge and buy each other out creating large and unwieldy businesses that answer to no one. As funny as it seems, they don't even answer to the reading public, their final consumers. They have to make a buck, or a pound, or a euro to stay in business. Unfortunately what that means for the writing world in general is the readers get cheated out of great writing and fantastic stories. Their world of the next great novel or book is now nothing more than lavishing money on a famous person whether they are an author or not.

Is reading another book ghost written for someone named Clinton really worth the thirty dollars they charge? Do you want to buy a novel by a famous name that doesn't even write their own work any longer? Somehow I can't see myself farming out my work to others no matter how successful I was. That just isn't me.

What you can find (and you don't have to look very hard) is a group of talented authors who have poured their hearts and souls into their works. They cover all genres and write with a great many styles, and they have passion for their work. Not all writers are as good as they think they are and reviews of work can be helpful. That being said, how many times have you purchased a book from a big publisher and been disappointed? If passion for their craft is the type of author you want to read, find them. You won't be disappointed. Most are available through Amazon and Kindle as well as other venues.

Here are a few to look for....

Tomas Braun; Mercenaries of Earth
Rosemary Fryth; Dark Confluence
Dawn Smith: Crimson Fury
IE Castellano: The World In-Between
Kate Aaron: Fenton, The Loneliest Vampire
Jeanette Raleigh: Giggles
Traci Hilton: Buyer's Remorse
Saxon Andrew: Ashes of the Realm

...and many many others.

The range of writing is wonderful and the personalities vibrant. Happy reading.

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