Friday, May 18, 2012

Floppin' around the clock tonight

Years ago as a young boy, my brothers and I were nearly always involved in some sort of sport around the neighborhood. Back in those days there weren't too many opportunities to join organized sports if it wasn't through the school. Most games were pickup with the other boys of the neighborhood. Many times they involved contests against those who were older than I. At some point, you pay a price for that.

In those games, mostly football and basketball, I got whipped pretty good some times but often I gave as good as I got. That is how one learns to strive and survive. That is where a young boy learns how to be tough when he needs to be. That is where one learns effort and how not to back down. You learn to stand your ground.

That notion brings me to the topic at hand. What's with all this flippin' floppin' in sports these days? Someone with the ball goes by and the defender falls down like a leaf in a gentle breeze flailing around like he was just shot with a howitzer. In soccer, the only thing you don't see at this time is an ambulance careening onto the field to scrape the chap up.

Unfortunately, this Euro flippin' has made its way into American sports, specifically basketball. You can't watch a game without a defender in the lane falling backwards before the offensive player even steps onto the court. Some claim its to try to gain an advantage. I think theater is no way to cover up for poor skills.

It's time to get back to standing ones ground; surrender and weakness is not an option.

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  1. Yet another reason not to watch the NBA. Too bad they do not properly call the theatrics in soccer.