Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Rite of Passage

Last night several of my family members and I attended my nephew's last sporting event. He is a high school senior and it was senior night. You could see the emotion on his face although he tried very hard not to let it show. He is a co-captain and the seniors played the final volleyball game at home all by themselves. (They won as they usually do).

I think back to that time in my life many years ago. I remember my last baseball game. For me it was a sad affair as I had an injured shoulder and wasn't able to participate. Like in the movies, you remember the smell of the infield, the grass and the chalk on your hands. I was a pitcher and infielder. I always was covered with dirt and chalk.

My nephew has been accepted to a large university. He has a bright future ahead of him. I see in him all the confidence that I showed as I looked forward to a new part of my life. I also see the trepidation in his eyes of facing something so completely new and unfamiliar. It will not be a struggle for him if he follows the paths his parents have laid out for him. He will have his ups and downs as did I, a new struggle to find ones self in a world that will seem much larger than he ever imagined.

It's a big world out there that has previously been seen though puppy-dog eyes and the security of a solid family and parents. We all faced it and at some time in the future I'm sure he will look back on this time with the slight wisp of a smile from him we have come to know.

Good Luck, my young friend. Your journey awaits.


  1. I, too, did not play in the final home game of my senior season, which was also our final scheduled game, as we had been eliminated from the playoffs early on. Veteran Coach told me, "Ahh...we'll schedule a double header with Teays Valley and you'll pitch the opener."

    Not what I wanted to hear, but I'll take it. Come late Tuesday afternoon the next week, as I was psyching myself up for my start that day, he told me, "Ahh...they had to cancel the game (singular, I noted), so, uhh...we're done."

    Thanks coach. Only senior not to play in my final home game. Not that I am still bitter after 39 years, mind you.

  2. I was lucky, in that I got to play the final field hockey games - not quite varsity always, but always called up as a reserve for great games. It gives me great joy to watch high school sporting events, and any sporting event the kids play in. Oh, the memories! I also got to league finals in track and field - and no, I never, ever, ever was a runner, but did get a 2nd in shot put, then came home for Sainted Mother and Father's surprise wedding anniversary party.

  3. My sister, the shot put and dicus queen. With those shoulders she could beat me up if she wanted to.
    Love ya Sis!

  4. If you got it, ya gotta flaunt it! Swimmers shoulders are a thing of beauty!