Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Proud to be an American

David Feherty is a CBS golf commentator, host of a show on The Golf Channel (Feherty), writer, raconteur, funnyman, and former professional golfer. He was born in Northern Ireland but recently became a United States citizen.

What follows is a transcript of his ode to America which aired as part of his most recent episode of Feherty, in which he paid tribute to America's armed forces.

"As we celebrate Independence Day, it occurs to me just how lucky I am to be an American. But I'm not sure that all Americans feel the same way, or at least not to the same extent.

Growing up in the auld sod of Nor'n Ireland, I wasn't exactly repressed, but people generally kept their dreams to themselves, which was at least part of what drove me to drinking and misbehavior in order to numb the longing for opportunity. However, Northern Ireland wasn't ever anywhere nearly as forbidding as some of the countries that hate Lady Liberty for her values, and blame America for their problems these days. 

Unlike some of these places, in America women are allowed to get an education. They're also allowed to drive, and dress in whatever clothes they want. We can say whatever we want, wherever we want to say it without fear of being locked up, and we can attend any place of worship we choose without our government having a say.

Thank you, Thomas Jefferson.

And we have the freedom to play and watch an absurd sport featuring little white balls and ridiculous sticks as if it were important, which it is not.

The reason we have these freedoms is now and always will be, because of the men and women of the five branches of our Armed Forces, who for more than two centuries have answered the call to protect us from those who would inflict their inferior and often brutal philosophies upon us.

We're free because of the Army, Air Force, Navy, Coast Guard, and Marines. I love them all. And whether or not you have faith in where our country's headed, it's hard to argue that defending its interests and values around the world doesn't give me and all of you the freedom to love this America, or hate it, with freedom. 

Happy Independence Day!"

Well said, sir, and welcome home!

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