Sunday, July 29, 2012

The hole

I am by nature one who does not like a bunch of crap, stuff, clutter generally lying about. To me it is an annoyance. Nothing is more uplifting than a clean and breezy home. Don't get me wrong, I like a few mementos about reminding one of family and the like, but all the other crap can just go away.

Try as I might, that just doesn't happen. It occurred to me today that is due to life changes as we age. My Beloved used to say if you can't find it I either threw it away of put it in the crawl space. When we moved into our current abode, we placed many things in 'the hole' and never touched them again. A few years ago it was time to make things go away. I agreed to a garage sale although I hate fooling with them. We pulled all the stuff our of the bottomless hole and sold much of it, old dishes, clothing, scuba gear and general miscellaneous things we had accumulated over time. It was very liberating.

Since that time our lives have evolved and there are simply new things to take their place. Gone is the near-antique drafting table and the scuba gear and replacing those are baby bouncers and porta-potties for our grandson. He is now of the age that he no longer needs these things. Well, sell them off.

Not so fast, gramps. As our home is regularly visited by family that is now rolling through the next baby boom, these things will likely occupy my basement for the foreseeable future. I wonder what comes after that? Someone will likely give me a box containing the old game 'Twister'. I'll have to hold on to that one. The next baby boom will need it as they hit the pre-teen years.

It starts all over again.


  1. MiracleBaby bought one for herself before going off to college, and darned if we didn't have to buy one for the remaining kids to play with! Tomorrow PrincessDramaQueen is doing her Girl Scout Silver Award, and one of the games we are spray painting on the grass is an oversize Twister. We've been assured that it won't kill the grass, which is a good thing since it's in the park!

  2. A storage area detests emptiness much as nature abhors a vacuum.