Tuesday, July 3, 2012


As many are aware, especially those of us who live in the Midwest, we had a wicked storm blow through on Friday. It is something I haven't seen in some time. I won't compare this to the horrific tornadoes that have ravaged other parts of the country. I feel for those of you who live in the plains states. What you face on a yearly basis can be quite life-changing.

But we do not face the onslaught on a regular basis as do you. However, we had quite the weather system pass across our part of the world several days ago. The rains were nearly sideways and trees and poles were snapping all around us. Fortunately for me, we suffered no significant damage.

What I did notice however were two things. I can't believe all the people who complain about not having power. Although it has been very hot, mid to upper 90's, more people complain about not having air conditioning than anything else. If it is so hot in your house go outside where it is generally cooler. Golly, who would have thought of that? It is ridiculous how many are complaining they can't watch television, get on the internet or can't charge their cell phone. You would think the world didn't come into being until fifty years ago when modern communications developed. Perhaps the Bible should have started; In the beginning, God created the air conditioner...

The other thing I noted was how quiet the world had become. There were not the routine electronic sounds we have become used to, no beeping, no ringing and the constant glare of LCD and LED had vanished. When the sun set and night fell into place, there was no light. I saw people outside playing with their children while others sat around a fire chatting. I think that's how the world was meant to be.

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  1. The quiet is nice, except for when you have neighbors with gas-powered generators.

    In the silence, I marvel at the quality of life of our ancestors who never had aught but candles to light their way.