Saturday, January 5, 2013

A little author intro

Today and tomorrow I will be letting all you wonderful readers of this blog in on a couple of secrets. They are both fellow authors who are striving to bring wonderful stories and adventures to the reading public. Each weekend I will post a brief blurb on Saturday and another on Sunday. Each will feature a different author who writes in differing genres. Some write in mystery, some romance and others sci-fi, fantasy (as do I) and just about all genres. I hope everyone finds something they like in the authors I will be spotlighting.

Image of Anna J McIntyre

Our first author this morning is Bobbi Johnson-Holmes who writes under the pen name of  Anna J McIntyre. She is a wonderful author of romance books including the titles:

Lessons: The Coulson Series:

After Sundown:

She has also penned a very interesting work that I had the privilege to read titled American Bondage. It is not a romance novel but is an intriguing concept concerning pregnancy and a woman's right to chose her fate. It is a great read.

She writes a blog of her own that I also tap into on occasion:
This blog truly shows off her abilities as the talented writer she is.

I hope you enjoy this series of spotlights and find something you would like to read in the coming weeks. Tomorrow's author: Nick Russell

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