Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Minimum qualifications

We all do things at some time in our lives that require a special skill to accomplish. These could be mundane up to highly specific skills or knowledge to do the job, and do it correctly. I understand not everyone can do everything. That is why people specialize in work, hobbies, sports and more.

Some skills require years and years of study, some, not so much. Doctors and plumbers have skills that are essential to their work; you have a doctor and likely a plumber, although they are both a necessity they are hardly interchangeable. The trick is, the average person can't perform either of these jobs with a reasonable amount of success. Then there is the entry level positions that, believe it or not still require knowledge to do the job. We've all been the victim of cashiers who can't count your change back to you, waiters/waitresses that can't figure out your bill or even the painter's helper who can't paint.

This brings me to the point of the story. My Beloved was visiting my Dear Daughter in the hospital. Due to the construction around this particular venue, she had the valet park the car. (It was also cold outside). I don't think there is a hospital in my area that doesn't have huge construction cranes parked all over the place. That however is the subject of a ramble for a different day. When she arrived at the room and I was leaving she asked if I would get her phone as she left it in the car. Being the devoted husband, I complied and dutifully stopped by the valet station. This particular young lady was besieged by those dropping off vehicles. As the hubbub subsided, one last gentleman dropped off his pickup to have parked. The young lady handed him his ticket and jumped behind the wheel...

Wouldn't you think someone hired for a valet service could DRIVE A STICK-SHIFT?

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