Thursday, February 14, 2013

Now I lay me down to sleep

It is with deep sadness and profound personal loss I let the readers of this blog know of the passing of its senior voice, North of 50.

From these pages you have only glimpsed a portion of a life filled with wit and intellect, a soul whose purpose was to love his family and bring a life of joy to others. He is the consummate brother and friend and so much more.

My Brother's Fire

My time has come that I must break these earthly bonds
and shed the fickle chains that tie my earthly soul.

That I have lived a life, a life of dreams
a life that holds a fervent fire,
And quenched my thirst of love and grander things I have not known.

That I have climbed the mount and flexed my wings
and soared to heights unbridled,
and touched the sky with thoughts and prayers my mind may only raise.

In starlight’s glow I bask above the earthly blue
and breathe the breath of angels
as God’s own hand does call me home.

Those hands I touch that comfort me
that soothes my soul I touch no more,
yet revel in the memory of a touch long lost. 

I fill the void my heart has longed to keep
and hold dear the face of my child
and I shall sleep now in peace as I await my valentine. 

We were five and now we are four, yet one day through the grace of God we shall be five once more. 

In loving memory...Donald (North of 50)


  1. Beautiful. Love you all. Miss you more on this day.

  2. I can't type when I'm crying. How does one say goodbye to a piece of your heart? Someone who taught me how to play baseball, still can't bat lefthanded, so thanks for that, Don. Someone who modeled faith in adversity, endurance through God's grace, and how to enjoy your kids and family. Someone who learned to play and to coach soccer so that he could help his kids play and watch them grow through sports, and ultimately become the "Voice of God" to many Pickerington soccer players. His love of written word and love of history encouraged all of us to read and discuss what we read. My heart knows that he is with Sainted Mother and Father, with our departed angel Kelley and with all the aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents ad infinitum on both sides of the family and both sides of Vicki's family. I still want him back - he's my brother and I don't want to share! Still, I know that he is at peace and no longer in pain. I believe that I will see him again, as the faith we have known from the cradle continues to hold us together, and to give us a hope for the future, and a time when we will, once again, be five of us. You have been the stable center, and we will miss that all the days of our lives.

  3. Robert, I am so sorry for your loss. My thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family.

  4. He sounds like someone the world needs more of and will be diminished by his passing.