Saturday, February 16, 2013

Saturday morning bookshop

Welcome to another Saturday morning where we discover the world of indie authors.
There are very few genres that give you an intense reading experience like a psychological thriller. One such author who succeeds in this genre is Dale Roberts. His work through the Tyson Palmer Thriller Series is worth the price of admission.

Meet Dale Roberts.


From Dale Roberts, author of IRREFUTABLE

When eager, young journalists Tyson Palmer interviews the occupant of a torched building, a reputed lunatic who blames the blaze on a cult with ties to terrorism, Tyson believes he might have just found the story that will launch his career.  Only thing is, he has nothing to go on but the ramblings of a paranoid conspiracy theorist .

Much to the chagrin of his mother and his best friend, Tyson decides to infiltrate the group and get the story from the inside.

Armed with his formidable denial of vulnerability, and as much information as he can find on the group, Tyson slips in undetected, or so he thinks. He plays the part to perfection, becoming one of them, until he encounters the one thing he hadn't counted on; Krista.
As this beautiful, intriguing woman woos him into dropping his guard, he falls deeper and deeper the under the control of a charismatic leader  with a dark political agenda.  By the time Tyson learns the truth, he knows too much to ever be allowed to walk away.

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