Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Sometimes, I'm just stupid

Most nights My Beloved goes up to bed just before I do. She is tired and many times just doesn't sleep very well. Although I'm not always right behind her, I do try to join her fairly quickly. Sometimes I'm just not tired from leaving work, I can get pumped up and the energy is flowing, or I might be finishing up some writing and still have a few thoughts in my head. Hey, when the thoughts come they have to go down on paper quickly. Too often I've lost a fabulous idea simply because I didn't get it written down.

Well, that doesn't sound stupid, you say. Well, this is. Once I finish what I'm doing I'm quickly up the stairs and it's time for bed. My Beloved does tend to fall asleep quickly, she just doesn't stay asleep. So, I pick up the remote and watch the news. After the news I'm still not tired. That's when I start clicking.

We all do it; click, no, click, no, click, no...and on and on and on. It is amazing that in this day and age we pay somewhere in the area of one-hundred dollars to watch the boob tube. (That being said, on many channels boob tube has a meaning it didn't forty years ago). So I click and I click and I click. You know what? What is on television these days just absolutely sucks! All there is are "anything but reality" shows, redneck shows like Swamp People and such, Really Fake Women Housewives of fill in the blank city. Even my old standbys of Discovery and History channels are full of reality crap.

So why do I pay good money for three-hundred channels of low-end crap? Because I'm stupid.

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