Thursday, June 6, 2013

Over-used excuse

There was a news article today that showed up on my feed about another reported 'bullying' event. This type of story seems to be the hot button of late. While it is sad there are so many of these stories reported, I also think it is becoming an excuse for nearly everything someones child faces that they are unhappy with.

There have always been bullies. Hell, there were bullies back in the days of my youth. There have been bullies since the dawn of mankind when one caveman figured out he was bigger and stronger than the caveman sitting next to him. Guess what? He picks up his club and 'whacks' him.

What makes this case different is that it wasn't bullying at all. It was a crowd reaction at a state tennis championship. A teenager who was playing in the state final went to school in one state but apparently lived in another. I'm not sure how that happens, but it is what it is. The crowd was openly rooting for the girl who lived in their state. According to the news story, nothing was thrown onto the court, nor was the girl physically threatened.

The match was moved to another court but the young lady and her family simply got in their car and drove home. At that point, she forfeited the match. The father claims it was bullying. I hate to break it to the father, but that is sports at every level from small little children whose parents are raging jackasses, all the way up to pro sports. If you're the 'visiting' team, you're not the favorite.

Is bullying a problem? Yes. Is it something that will ever go away? Not likely, but it's time some people who blame everyone else for their problems learn to, as my dear niece would say, 'get a grip'.

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