Tuesday, May 28, 2013


For the past several days, My Beloved and I have been enjoying some restful time in the sand and sun of Ft. Myers Beach, Florida. It is a relaxing time away from the drudgery of our work-a-day world. I had come down for a conference and she was able to join me for a couple days afterward. It's a quick trip, Friday through Tuesday as we leave tomorrow afternoon.

As is our normal procedure on such a junket, a quick trip to the grocery store was needed; pick up a few supplies for breakfast and some snacks. What we returned with was just the essentials: a half gallon of milk, a half gallon of juice, a gallon of her favorite tea, beer for me, a six-pack of water, an eight-pack of small bottles of Coke. It seemed natural at the time, but let me tell you, I'm floating in fluids right about now.

We are down to the last day and we have just enough milk for breakfast (a good call), half of the juice is still left (bad call), the tea won't last the rest of the day (good call), the beer is likely one too many although I will suck it up literally so as not to leave any behind, five of the Cokes are still in the fridge (bad call) and three of  the waters are still left (bad call).

Now, I am usually not one to over-think things but perhaps we did in this case. Oh, I forgot to mention coffee for breakfast. The condo didn't have coffee so add that to the list. Normally I am not one to buy bottles of water as I already pay handsomely for what comes out of the tap, but I bowed to reason as we are in a state where the temperature routinely hits 90 deg this time of year and cars are hot. 

As I look back it seems we have over-thought the hydration issue and if I want to get my moneys worth, I'll be chugging about a gallon of fluids before the day is done and wallowing like a walrus on the beach. And you know what that means; what goes in must come out. (sigh).

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