Sunday, June 30, 2013

The great re-visit

Way, way back in 2009 I wrote a ramble concerning the vaunted cell-phone. Wow, this blog really has been around for awhile. I blathered at that time the state of the communication industry when it comes to the use of cell phones. Well, we now find ourselves in the year 2013, and what has changed?

For starters, no matter what we had thought of the industry back then, its service has exploded. I would guess communication is at an all-time high. Even with that, less and less is likely said. I still avoid using the damn thing as much as I can but the world intrudes. I do use the text more than I used to, however difficult it has become as I still am the proud owner of a flip-phone.

I still think this is the most over-used device in the history of the world. What passes for communication is nothing but mindless gibberish. Back then, I performed an experiment. I took several days to observe my fellow motorists as they drove down the highways and byways of our great city. I decided the winner, or loser in this case would be the first gender to have 100 talking on the phone as they drove. It was men versus women, one on one. I gave up on the experiment when the women totaled 67 and the men 32. This week, I decided to revisit that experiment.

In just a few short days, I am ready to again crown the women the winners: 31 to 11. It isn't even close. Women are the Queens of talk, no matter where, no matter when. I don't think the introduction of the smart-phone itself has changed all that much, other than I can now watch a couple or a family eat dinner at a restaurant and never exchange a word or a glance. I think I'd find it hard to eat if I couldn't let go of a phone.

Four  years later, and I still just don't get it.


  1. Still the proud owner of no cellphone whatsoever. And you thought the velociraptor was the only dinosaur on the retreat : )

  2. I am truly humbled to be in your presence. I bow to your wisdom and tenacity, Amazing Morse. (Unfortunately I do need one for work).

  3. Only one with a smartphone here is Mr. Crinkles, as his work provides it. The rest of us have stupid phones, but still textable as that's how kids today communicate. Plus, it's easier to get a text saying - practice done now - then to wait out front of the high school for them to be done "on time", which almost never happens. Only one without a phone is Princess Drama Queen, as it's a high school thing that has to be justified by practice schedules. plus, with the two in college next year, this way I actually have some contact with them other than remote nagging.

  4. You left out the part about why people have to TALK SO LOUD when they're on the cell phone. Cuz Jeff