Friday, July 5, 2013


One of the exciting times for a writer, or anyone who is striving to develop a career as an author, is the pending release of a new work, be it an article for a publication, a short story, or a new novel. You look forward to its release. You get a little nervous. You comb the pages for the smallest of errors. You have other authors or artists look at the cover; does it put forward the sense of story that you hope? Does it fit the genre you write in? You have an edit, by either yourself (if you trust yourself that much) or someone else who is qualified to find all the mistakes you make when you are writing your 'great American novel'.

Believe me, no matter how long you have been doing this, there are always mistakes. You just hope to fix all the glaring ones. No book will ever be perfect, be it story or perfect punctuation. Where you would place a comma, I wouldn't (a battle I am currently having with Baby Sis). Once you have ironed out all the issues you are ready to pull the trigger.

So....coming in seven days...

Then, you sit back and hope your efforts have been worth it, and that anyone who picks it up, enjoys what they read. I sincerely do hope you enjoy what you read.


  1. Just practice saying, "I bow to your superior knowledge" and get over it already! Of course I'm right!