Sunday, September 1, 2013

Grandpa's are from Mars

We had an adventurous weekend as we had our grandson, Ragin Cage for a couple days. There was a party for his cousins who are twins; their fourth birthday celebration a pool party. Kids that young were everywhere, splashing and jumping and running all over the place. There were plenty of adults around ranging from parents to other grandparents, a great grandparent as well as aunts and uncles, and everyone has their own style of supervision and parenting.

Grandpa's, however have their own unique way of looking at things, especially when it comes to boys. I, as exulted Paw-Paw see the young whippers differently than the Maw-Maws. I see little boys running and jumping and smacking things and whacking things and know that is what little boys do. I'm not so old that I don't remember what those days were like as a kid. We ran everywhere we shouldn't have and smacked all kinds of things with other things. We threw and kicked and generally were rambunctious, 'cause that's what little boys do.

Grandmothers and mothers don't see little boys the same way grandpas see little boys. We were them and now we live our lives wishing we had the same unbridled energy we had in the dawn of our days. In their esteemed wisdom, Maw-Maws and mothers have more rules than Paw-Paws do, at least for little boys.

And I guess they always will.

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