Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Sitting still

For my work, I was recently at a training session for store managers that lasted over a period of three days. As many of you know, this is my profession (as well as wanna-be author), and I have worked in this field for over thirty years. (And believe it or not, I started writing over twenty years ago).

The type of retail stores I have always managed put you on your feet. So, I walk. I walk and I talk and I lift and I carry things. The stores I've worked for have always put the managers out with the customers. I have never had a sedentary job where I sit behind a desk planning things out, and at the end of three days of training, I don't know that I could do that.

The first day, I was fine. After the hectic back-to-school selling season, it was nice to kick back with my fellow managers and talk over a few things. We talked, had lunch and wrapped things up after about eight hours. Day two didn't go so well.

Day two started as did day one. By the time lunch rolled around I was getting antsy. I don't sit well for long periods of time. Even on my days off, my best days are working around the house, cutting grass and generally being productive. We had lunch and, it didn't sit well. I felt sluggish. My stomach churned and I was simply beginning to feel miserable. The feeling didn't wear off until I was out of there several hours later and moving.

Day three followed the course of day two. I felt unproductive, sluggish and my stomach was beginning to churn again. I was so happy when the day was over simply because I could move and get active. Now, don't start thinking I'm a totally physically-fit nerd guy. I'm simply active, and active most of the time. I likely walk over forty miles per week just at my job.

Looking back, I don't see how people can sit behind a desk all day. It's just not for me. I suppose you get used to it and your body and mind adapts to what you are doing over time. If just three days nearly puts me in a coma, I'd hate to think of how I would be after a forty hour work week of just sitting.

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  1. I can't domeetings. 20 minutes in, I fall asleep!