Friday, September 6, 2013

An excerpt from The Dream Valley

An excerpt from The Dream Valley, book one of The Crystal Point Legacy trilogy.

"You must realize Seika, many legends and stories come down through the generations from articles based on fact. I have searched many a land during my quest. I am sure the Crystal Point lies in this valley."
"When we reach the lower valley, where will we look?"
Dwylar looked over their heads his eyes a glaze and spoke;

            The eye sees not what wing and feather spy
            What wind and fortune dare to speak
            The summit spires twin thy mantle watch
            Upon the altar man’s sire seeks.

            Crimson hues with watchful eye
Lights crystal prism cut for thee
Barrier force drives shades of wanton lust
Heaven’s fire glistens for all to see.

A place of dream where paths do cease
Of life nor death nor winter’s touch alone
Summer’s sun on chambers endless green
On fields singing only summer’s tone.

Palisades of time their visions dim
Of Searchers quest an ageless father’s line
For kings of ice and rock must falter
A blaze of fire does for thee shine.

"What tale do you tell us, Dwylar?"

"This is a part of the lore of the crystal. I believe it tells of the resting place where the king had chosen to place his warning. The Dream Valley may be the final leg of my quest, for if I fail here I must return to the Northern Kingdom, and my king, and there face banishment for my failure. His judgment shall decide my fate in the coming war."

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