Wednesday, June 4, 2014


As I have joined the march of television at an early age, way back in the advent of the black and white era, I feel as though I might, just might have something to say about today's cartoons.

These past couple of days, we have been watching two single-digit munchkins. More than happy to do it. But when it rains outside, that leaves inside. What do kids want to watch? Cartoons. And lots of them. I won't complain about that. I grew up on cartoons in the sixties, saw a few in the seventies and worked in a toy store in the eighties. I have been surrounded by them for most of that time.

Now, I don't understand the fascination with most of the Japanese creations that seemed to surface in the nineties, but everyone has there own likes and dislikes. And now, with having my grandson around on a regular basis, I have been exposed to new ones for several years. However, what passes for cartoons on the CN is nothing more than crap.

Sure, my cartoons had their share of funny violence and space-blasting, but what I have been watching on the tube for two days is so far below amusing it is bewildering. Where did this stuff come from? Now, being in the book business, I see all levels of bad put out there for consumption. But, isn't this stuff supposed to have someone in charge of quality control? With the advent of more television channels than anyone could watch, it appears the gatekeepers have all gone for a beer and left the door open to all levels of drivel.

There are a few good ones out there I suppose, just not on the CN, at least as far as I can tell. They seem to have everyone else's trash pile. Where's Tom and Jerry when you need them?

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