Tuesday, June 3, 2014

More than beauty

We are creatures of beauty, at least we want to be. Some of us just have more of it than others. I for one, don't consider myself beautiful. (Ruggedly smart and handsome, okay, I'll give you that one.) Actually, I'll call myself slightly above average, perhaps. But what of others?

The more I am exposed to social media, be it Facebook or Twitter or one of the other web societies, I run across a particular saying, rather often. And, it is more often than not, directed at girls and women; she's beautiful. Now, that's a really nice thing to say. Is it deserved? Perhaps, but why say it?

Is there no other compliment due a young lady or woman who has just come through an achievement or life event? I would not argue the saying to someone who is posing in her wedding gown for her day. It is, after all, what many women live for. It can be the defining moment in their lives, or at least one of them. Every woman wants to look beautiful on that day. Tell them they're beautiful, by all means.

To many, I think it is a reflex. It is just what they say to everyone. In this season of the graduate, I have come across this many times. A young lady graduates from high school or college, another defining moment, and regularly, beautiful is the compliment. Now whether it is deserved or not, that is a shallow compliment to someone who has just achieved a life event.

One other thing I shall offer in this ramble, that compliment mostly comes from women, to women. I challenge you ladies, mothers, aunts and grandmothers of the world, it's time to do better. Beauty is a concept and it changes from culture to culture, but it's not the only thing. Congratulate the success, not the package.

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