Saturday, January 2, 2016

Like a Boss !!

It's the new year, happy 2016 to everyone.

So, what does that mean? It means resolutions. It means changing our lives for the better. How do we do it? We make resolutions. Now, there's nothing wrong with making resolutions. There is something wrong with making unrealistic ones. I've always found the biggest changes happen with the smallest steps. One doesn't change one's life overnight. You won't lose 100 pounds in two months but you can start walking a mile per day above your normal travels. I won't look like Mr. Universe in three months but I can stick to my exercise routines to stay healthy in my old age.

The other obstacle many face is trying to do too much. No one can make ten high-demand resolutions and stick with them unless they plan to blow up their lives completely. Many of those obstacles are things one can't change due to the nature of life; job, family, etc. For me personally, I need to do things outside of my work. 2015 was a demanding year on the job. Due to circumstances in the company I work for, I averaged a day off from work about every eighteen to twenty days for nearly nine months. And the majority of those days were ten to twelve hour days. I also left two weeks of vacation time on the calendar I won't get back. But, it was what had to be done when it had to be done. It made life more difficult than it should have been and kept me away from home and My Beloved for many more hours than it should have.

With my work schedule hopefully back to a more normal routine, as much as can be expected in retail, it's time for a year for myself and My Beloved...

Resolutions ...

 Leave work when I supposed to leave work.

Publish two books in 2016. The first should be out this month. Look
for Star Eagle Six to be out in the coming weeks.

Begin a serious marketing campaign for my books. I had always told
myself I'd begin marketing seriously when I had seven or eight books
on the table. Star Eagle Six will be my eighth novel.

The second book will be the third book of the Last Elf Prophecy
series titled: Awakening of Lilestrom (Lilestrom is a dragon)

Take my wife on an adventure (get your minds out of the gutter)
each month. Do something fun we haven't done before.

Refinish a vintage 1947 Firestone radio / record player console
 I purchased from a friend last week. 

Okay, so these all sound doable. These are my goals and resolutions for the coming year of 2016. I going to do these LIKE A BOSS!

(and just in case I don't accomplish any of these, I'll erase this post like it never happened)

Make 2016 your year. Make it LIKE A BOSS!

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  1. Only one that I think you will struggle with is leaving work on time. However one of my resolutions is to help you get out the door. So I think it might be doable.