Saturday, January 23, 2016


Let's see now, the east coast of the United States is getting blasted with what many are saying is the largest storm in nearly one-hundred years. Up and down the eastern seaboard the major metropolises are paralyzed and it will be days or weeks until they dig out. This, is a major impact and not to be taken lightly ... sort of.

How many times though have we seen the world outside our door shut down almost at the mention of the word "snow". Hey, it's winter folks. The white stuff falls and it has ever since you've been alive. Why the heck does everyone panic like they've never seen it before? Why are we all shocked at this?

Times have changed and it wasn't always this way. When I was a kid, I think my high school shut down once due to weather, maybe twice. Now, three snow flakes get together to have a meeting and there is a two hour delay. I thought I'd put together a little chart as to how things used to be versus now.

1/2 inch:
 When I was a kid (WIWAK): It snowed?
 Now: Weather men on TV take off their coats and roll up their sleeves

1 inch:
WIWAK: That's not even enough for a good snowman
Now: Two hour delay for schools

2 inches:
 WIWAK: I'll have to shovel the driveway when I get home from school
 Now: Emergency Level One is declared

4 inches:
 WIWAK: My brother will have to help me shovel after school
 Now: Emergency Level Two is declared. Schools are cancelled

6 inches:
 WIWAK: I had to go shovel the neighbors driveways (they were older)
 Now: Emergency Level Three declared Every meeting across the city is cancelled

8 inches:
WIWAK: School is cancelled
Now: All grocery stores are picked clean like buzzards on a dead carcass

10 or more inches:
WIWAK: Okay, it's starting to get serious
Now: We're all gonna die !! (However, everyone goes outside anyway). Most common complaint: It's been a whole day and nobody's plowed my street yet.

Tomorrow I get to meet up with my cousins for my Uncle Jim's 94th birthday party. It will be fun. I'm sure my uncle will tell us how bad he had it in the winters of his youth. "Heck, we didn't even have TV to tell us it was snowing." I'm sure something like that is about to come my way.

Stay warm and stay safe and Happy Birthday Uncle Jim !


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  1. Your Uncle will tell you he walked to school in 12 feet of snow, uphill, both ways.