Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Rege-meister

Although I am not one to follow 'celebrity', I do keep up with current events. I watch television (somewhat), news, sports and some entertainment shows. I do not follow anything in particular to a large degree. I usually 'get' what makes some people famous or why they are followed in a big way. That doesn't mean that person or their talents are necessarily for my tastes. The great thing about the world is the diversity of what interests people.

That being said, I simply don't get the 'Regis Philbin' celebrity status. I understand he appears daily on the same show. That keeps him in the public eye. Many are able to make a career out of that and pawn it on for other endeavors. Johnny Carson is one such that made a mega-career out of the Tonight Show. But what has Regis Philbin ever done? He has somehow managed to wiggle his way into becoming the host of multiple shows (Millionaire and his own) and periodically branches out to other endeavors. But I still don't get why. What is his appeal?

I 'googled' him and found a series of rather unimpressive stints and cameo appearances. He is also shown as a singer and entertainer. I've heard him sing. I'd rather not hear it again. He now seems to be a celebrity for no reason other than he is a celebrity. He works well with his co-host but leaves me flat for his efforts.

I wish him well and begrudge no one their wealth or earning power as long it is legit, but I just don't get the Rege-meister. Maybe Ryan Seacrest can explain it to me.


  1. I do not get him, either. At least he is better than his former co-host.

  2. Who has time to watch tv? Of course, if it's Jeopardy or Wheel it's okay. Oh, and Home Makeover Extreme Edition! Regis is just another guy in a suit who thinks he's funny and is paid to be as weird as he is with whatever pretty girl they put beside him. we should all have jobs like that!