Sunday, February 7, 2010

Super Duper

I am as big a sports fan as the average person. I prefer college football over the pros but I will watch a good game when it is on and I have the time. Today, I have the time. It is "Big Game Sunday". I can't say the other words because I might get a nasty letter from the NFL telling me to cease and desist for using their precious wording without permission. They get very picky on who uses their trade term for the most important game of their year. You would think they would want it blasted to the hilltops as long as it didn't appear on a T-shirt or other memorabilia they couldn't get the money for.

Year after year we are bludgeoned to death for two weeks with "the game" from all the sports media, news media, commercial hype (as well as commercial mania) and the obligatory footballs made in Ada, OH story. After forty plus years there isn't an angle they haven't covered ad nauseam. For those reasons I gave up listening and watching anything to do with "the game" years ago. Often I don't even watch much of the game itself. One year My Beloved and I took a long weekend out to Vegas for our wedding anniversary. I couldn't figure out why the casinos were so empty. Then, they exploded with people. It was "Big Game Sunday" and we didn't even realize we had booked our trip on this monumental day of days.

Enough already. Play the game so I can move on with my life. Sheesh!
(Colts win a close one)


  1. Ada is in Ohio.

    Aida is an opera by Guiseppi Verdi, whose name translates in English to "Joe Green".

    Other than that, decent game for someone with no dog in the fight. Whither goest thou, Steelers?

  2. That's what I meant. I tire of the same Verdi opera story every year for forty-four years.

  3. My editing skills fall victim to bad eyesight: it should be GIUseppi Verdi.

    Mea culpa.

    Also, MLB has gotten worldly serious about their annual frozen baseball matchup in late October and early November. Same type of mindset.