Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A quick catch-up

Hello again.

We spent an exhausting and exhilarating 5 days traveling to and fro, from home to Austin TX via Dallas, for our son's wedding.

Getting up at 3:45 a.m. should be banned by international treaty, especially when you have to travel across a good chunk of the country. Jet lag exists, no matter how much I try to live through it.

We made it to Austin, flying along with Wonderful Daughter and her family; the Perfect Grandchildren were very good on the flights, despite the 30-minute wait before the trip began, because we had to de-ice.

Last week, the weather in Austin was in the 70s for the weekend, and is projected to be in the 60s this coming weekend. Our Wedding Weekend weather was to be in the 50s.

They lied.

It was mostly overcast, windy, and not what we had hoped for. Wedding time actual temperature at the Austin-Bergstrom Airport was 35 degrees, notable because we were outdoors for this Blessed Event, and we also were way out in the countryside, miles and miles from A-B Airport, so it is quite possible that the actual temperature we experienced was below freezing. Thankfully, the wind we experienced during rehearsal the previous afternoon did not make its presence known on Wedding Evening.

Perfect Grandchildren, Wonderful Daughter, Eric the Tall, and yours truly were all members of the wedding party. Because of the change in plans that were made, it defaulted to me to be the Best Man, an honor which I was quite happy to oblige for Handsome Son and his chosen bride, Miss Texas.

I wonder if I need to refer to her now as Mrs Texas?

We had a very enjoyable time, and cannot wait to see the photographer's work. The outdoor evening torchlight ceremony on a high spot out in the country was beautiful, and I hope his effort did the setting justice.

We are very happy to have a new member of the family, and will have a party for them back here at some point in the warmer weather season.

The weather prognosticators had better get their act together and do it right for us for that one! They owe us!


  1. 1) Ceremony sounds like it was beautiful and you can't feel the cold in pictures! 2) You should experience the jetlag after 26 hours and 10 time zones!! 3) I don't think any woman gets tired of being called Miss.

  2. If you have it at Robert T's, it doens't matter what the weather is like, as he's sure to be pushed in the pool. Or jump -they're closely related when it comes to him and the pool. We're sorry we had to miss the wedding and can't wait to see the pics! Do I have Handsome Son's address? We have a gift in mind that needs sending.

  3. Check Wonderful Daughter's blog page to see some pics.

  4. The ceremony was beautiful. I did however hear a weather term I was unfamiliar with in Texas; freezing fog. Next time I'm in the Lone Star state it had better be warm.
    Welcome to the family, Miss Texas.