Thursday, January 20, 2011

An harmonic convergence?

The month of January, by virtue of being the first month on the calendar, obviously marks a time of new beginnings, what with new year's resolutions and assorted whatnot.

This year, January brings us a combination of commemorative dates that are truly mind-boggling.

To begin with, Graybeard achieves a milestone that has thus far eluded the rest of us: he turns 60(!) Although obviously the oldest of us, he now officially assumes the mantle of Graybeard the Elder, just to make him seem that much older. He would likely see the humor in this, except that, confirmed Luddite that he is, he will not find his way to this site. More's the pity.

Next up (same day actually) Baby Sis and Mr Krinkles celebrate the 20th anniversary of the conjoining of their minds, bodies, and souls, otherwise known as their wedding anniversary. Miracle Baby, Bigfoot, MegaByte, and Princess Drama Queen are a fine testament to the love they bear for each other.

Then, Wonderful Daughter will turn 30, which is something that I cannot fathom, as I am only 29 (in spirit, anyway). It promises to be a time of great expectations, what with two equally wonderful children beginning to explore the world and the tentative spreading of their downy feathery wings, accompanied by a truly fine man, Eric the Tall, who is the finest son-in-law a Father can wish to have marry his daughter.

To cap it all of, the month goes out on a high note, as Handsome Son and his delightful bride Miss Texas celebrate the first anniversary of their commingling of lives as well, in weather that is not too different than what we experienced last year in the tropical paradise of central Texas, save for the snow surrently falling.

I will always remember standing on a wind-chilled promontory as the sun was setting while they proclaimed their eternal fealty to one another, before dashing off to a car that could not be warmed up fast enough! Of such are memories made.

Now, if only Robert T and Mrs Pool had married in a different year, they would be a first of February part of this karmic destiny of dates. Alas, they are celebrating anniversary number 19, which, although a fine number in its own right, just does not fit quite as nicely, but we still wish them continued happiness and wedded bliss as well.


  1. If you add a '1' and a '9' they equal ten. A fine round number indeed.

    And I fine it interesting that you picked 'an' harmonic convergence although in this case either would have worked. Are you getting soft at your young age, grammar-nazi?

  2. Never! "An" is correct. I have been taught using "an" in front of a word beginning with an "h" is the proper usage, such as "an historic event".

    Using "a" in front of an "h" word is as grating on my ears as the pronunciation of "the" as "thuh" when used in front of an "h" word or a word that begins with a vowel.

  3. but using an in front of an h word sounds stupid! and I can be picky about grammar. by the way, is that rule still in effect because that's definitely one we weren't taught!

    oh, and I'll be sure to pass on your kind words to my Tall husband. :)

  4. It is mainly in front of a silent h word, but, as with most English rules, there are exceptions!

    "It is an honor", as opposed to "it is a honor".

  5. Oh please - he wouldn't dare get it wrong as some random nun is likely to pop out of the woodwork and box his ears for not learning it correctly! I feel that many of the changes they've made to written English are due to the continued incorrect usage by the general population - if so many people say it's correct, then it must be so!

  6. Amen. Again I say unto you, Amen.

    And not just some random nun, it would be Sister Raymond! I know from experience!

  7. A pox upon thee! I never had ner - neener, neener, neener!

  8. Actually, you never had Her, not ner...
    And in a private conversation with N of 50 I had made mention that the 'A' in front of harmonic would actually work and be proper with a 'long A' as opposed to a 'short' sounding 'A'.