Sunday, January 9, 2011

Pretty in Pink

On Friday, for the first time, Mr. Conservative wore a pink dress shirt to work. It caused quite a stir, fashion wise, as I received a number of comments (most of them favorable) on my choice of color.

On grammatical level, I could have said "for the first time ever" or "for the first time in my life" in the paragraph above, but those are redundancies. "First" means just that, I never did it prior to that time, while "first time in my life" is silly. I mean, "first time in Billy Bob's life"? It could be true, about Billy Bob, but then I do not actually know a person with that moniker.

I must credit my wonderful son-in-law, Eric the Tall, with unconsciously prodding me to don(!) a pink shirt. I had seen him wear one on several occasions, and decided to give it a shot. Wonderful Daughter tells me she was very much against her husband wearing pink, but now admits she likes it on him.

It definitely looks better on me than some of my previous sartorial exhibitions, ones that no one told me were hideous until the future Mrs. North of 50 deigned to do so in our dating years.


  1. A true fashionista! (And Molly Ringwald would be so proud, too!).

  2. What day of the week will you sew into the collar of this one?

  3. Got my husband to buy a lavender shirt this summer. Now one of his favorites. Real Men Wear Pink!

  4. "What day of the week will you sew into the collar of this one?"


    Ask him about his Tuesday olive slacks. I was afraid he went to work pant-less yesterday.

  5. But I liked the bold colored striped shirt with the white pants!

  6. But did you like the slanted striped tie I wore with it? Or did it just blend in?