Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Know when to fold 'em

It is now officially over. College football has come to a close for another year and the Auburn Tigers are the national champs. Of the SEC schools they are one I have pulled for over the years being in the shadow of the 'Bear'. Congratulations.

Our family has carried on a long-standing tradition started by Beloved Father. Years ago we all pitched in a dollar and picked the bowl games. Back then there were less but the rules still hold, best record wins. Over the years the bowl count has expanded and the number of people throwing in has also increased. This year we had forty-seven participants all under the watchful eye of North of 50 who runs the whole show. It's in his genes as Grandma Bertha used to run numbers back in the day and Uncle Pat was known as the famed west side gambler. He comes by it naturally.

The winner this year was a darling of a young lady who unfortunately reveers the Gators. She won (by my count, official results not in) with a record of 24-11. Very good prognosticating if you ask me, even for a girl...

There were nine entries with losing records. One special entry yearly is the Magic Quarter where The Bug and wife flips a quarter to determine the winner. This year the Magic Quarter was 20-15. How does that make everyone feel? Losing to a quarter, banished from next years pool. Also this year we bid a fond farewell as Lizzie the Lizard passed on to the eternal garden. She was a pet of The Bug. He would place the names of the teams in front of her and she would pick based on the paper she ate. Believe it or not, she rarely was below 500. She will be missed. N of 50 barely broke a 500 percentage being 18-17 while yours truly finished a respectable 23-12 and tied with five others for second. My Beloved lost to the quarter but beat many others.

The next tourney up is the NCAA basketball championships with everyone picking their final four. Now that January is upon us it's time to start paying attention. Gotta protect my dollar entry fee.

War Eagle!


  1. A fair summary. I am not certain a young woman who worships at the statue of St Tebow should be permitted to participate in a gambling exercise. I may have her otherwise-wonderful parents keep the money instead of corrupting her with it.

  2. Um - she's a Catholic so it's in the blood! How could you keep her away given that handicap?