Sunday, January 9, 2011

Second time around

Looks like a busy day on the 'links'.

Recently a homeless man in Columbus was snatched from his homeless perch and brought back into society. He was recorded on 'tape' and has become a viral hit. It has changed his life. Up until then he has battled drugs and alcohol and who knows what else. At one time he was employed in the radio industry.

It is difficult to imagine the twists and turns ones life takes. There is no way to see into the future. If that were possible, could we avoid the pitfalls that await us? Would we make the same mistakes, make the same good choices? What he has been given is a second chance to do it all over again, a second chance in life. But what will he choose?

It is easy to second-guess sitting from afar and say how could he make wrong choices again. If that choice was made once, is it in his nature to battle the same demons that brought him down the first time? Hopefully the answer is no but there is no guarantee. It is a feel-good story to see one have this second chance. American's love the underdog and will continually root for them. But what happens if they fail a second time?

I'm glad this man has a chance to erase the demons that brought him down. However, I feel for those who have worked hard and struggled to do things the right way, never falling down, never succumbing to just getting by yet never succeeding fully. I count myself in that rank and most of those I know. We strive to do the right thing the right way. We succeed to an extent; our lives are generally comfortable yet there is something that eludes us. But for us (I hope) the temptations never bring us down.

Here's hoping the next person discovered fought to do it the right way and is rewarded for those efforts.

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