Wednesday, May 8, 2013

A week of baseball

Well, so it ends this evening, the great baseball experiment. If you read my last ramble you know I have been sans-wife now for seven days. During this time, I was attempting to get back in touch with my boyhood roots and watch a baseball game every night.

Well, that happened most nights. I do work nights on occasion and there were two where I wasn't able to complete the lineup. The other five, a good sampling. I saw a slug-fest, a couple pitcher's duels and a couple non-descript games that were good games. I saw both American and National league games; several teams I had no past interest in watching.

I would classify the experiment as a guarded success. I enjoyed the games, mostly the pitcher's duels, as being a pitcher in my younger days, I tend to gravitate to those. I think they tend to put me on edge more than a slug-fest. Well pitched games for me build tension. That's one of the draws of sports; tension. I was also able to squeeze in a hockey game. Unfortunately my Montreal Canadians are in a bad way at the moment.

I discovered I did enjoy watching baseball again, however there is a catch. To be invested in the sport, or perhaps any sport, one must have an active rooting interest. If I were to truly rekindle my past affair with the game, I must reinvest in a team.

My Beloved is returning tonight and with that, I once again will yield the remote.

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  1. Get an online betting account and bet a few games per week. Sounds crazy but I guarantee you will be more interested. Just bet a couple of dollars($2-$5) on the games and set a weekly limit. You'll probably break close to even, but it will make the season more entertaining.
    Hey if Mary and Grandma can drop $20 on a slot machine, you should be able to make America's game exciting enough to watch!