Saturday, May 18, 2013

Whitisizms of a four year old

It is an adventurous weekend for My Beloved and myself. We have been charged with watching our grandson, Ragin' Cage. It is much more taxing on my wife as I am relegated to work for most of the weekend. Other than that, it has been fun. He is such an explorer; he gets into everything. He is making the transition from toddler to little boy and it is something to see how much different he looks at the world now at four than he did even six months ago.

One of the things I chuckle at are the 'out of the blue' sentences that simply pop out of his mouth. Most are completely random:

This is my power Thor arm

We need beets. We don't have any beets.

That's a Jew bug (I think he meant June)

That spider doesn't have any legs

Oooohhhh, carrots!

I need some Mr Wormy food.

Patches is pregnant

Can I have a puppy?

The raccoon did it.

I want the kind you eat with your mouth.

Can I have a Toys R Us gift card?

Okay, that's really just from day number one. I'm sure he'll have some other completely random thoughts before the weekend is over.

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  1. Since Babycakes is still a toddler and can't yet put sentences together, we just get random words. We say that she's running through her dictionary!