Thursday, May 22, 2014

The nod

I consider myself a worldly sort of fellow, (okay, not really, I live in Ohio). So I was rather surprised when I read a detailed article on the internet the other day. Okay, it was something stupid that someone probably put up on Facebook or some other cultural abyss, but everything has a grain of truth, right?

Even after twenty-two years of wedded bliss, I still find it amazing that I completely don't understand the opposite sex. The post in question had to do with 'the nod'. You know, that slight bob of the head that men sometimes exchange as they pass. A few weeks ago, okay, maybe a couple months ago, I forget, I'm getting older, I exchanged 'the nod' with someone I passed on the sidewalk. My Beloved asked if I knew him. I answered no. I don't think she quite understood. Apparently, women do not do 'the nod'. It almost sounds like a Seinfeld episode. (If there was one, I missed it).

It is such a simple gesture. I find it hard to believe it's only a man thing. There are basically, two types of nods. The first is an upward tick of the head as you acknowledge someone. This one is generally reserved for someone you know, but not always. As with the second type, it is used in passing. Number two, is a slight downward motion, keep it slight, as you pass another. There is no hard-fast rule or reason to do so, you just know, and if you are the recipient of 'the nod', it needs to be returned.

I suppose, it's a guy thing.

By the way, book two of the Last Elf Prophecy; Decimation of Allingaard will be available in about ten  to fourteen days.

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